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Bloom Eye Associates Offers Innovative Sight-saving Solutions

At Bloom Eye Associates, we offer state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of cataracts. For patients who require surgical intervention, we offer the latest, most effective procedures.

Cataracts are a major cause of vision loss worldwide; almost 20 million people are blind because of the condition. Many people think of cataracts as alarming, assuming that if they get them, they will become blind. However, advanced cataract surgery can restore lost sight in most cases. In the United States, more than one million cataract surgeries are performed annually.

What Causes Cataracts?

The aging process is most directly associated with the formation of cataracts. As the body ages, the normally transparent lens begins to harden and becomes cloudy. There is increasing evidence that lifelong exposure to ultraviolet light contributes to the development of cataracts. 

Over half of all people aged 65 or older have some degree of cataracts. In addition, eye injuries, certain medications, diabetes, kidney disease, smoking, and high blood pressure may contribute to the formation of cataracts.

Cataract Surgery

Since there is presently no medical treatment to prevent cataracts or reverse them once they develop, the only treatment for cataracts is surgical removal. At Bloom Eye Associates, Dr. Anthony Antonello and Dr. Suzanne Pesce perform cataract surgery. 

With this safe and effective outpatient procedure, your cloudy lens is gently removed through a microscopic-sized incision. A selected lens implant is then carefully implanted to restore bright clear vision. We are proud to offer our patients the option of the latest astigmatism-correcting intraocular lenses for those with preexisting astigmatism. 

Cataract surgery is quick, safe, and effective. Most patients can return to their normal activities the very next day.

For cataract surgery in Philadelphia from experienced ophthalmologists, call Bloom Eye Associates at (215) 483-8444 or request an appointment with our secure online form.

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